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Anti wrinkle Eye Cream

Hi, I'm Bilka anti aging, anti wrinkle skincare made with antioxidant grape extract. Bilka Anti wrinkle Eye Cream is made with black grapes extract.

Anti wrinkle eye cream made with anti-oxidant grapes extract, smooths wrinkles around the eyes and perks up heavy eyelids thanks to its superpowerful ingredients: black grape Mavrud extract, creatine, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, shea butter. 

Mavrud Age Expert Anti wrinkle face cream is made in a similar formula, which takes years off your skin thanks to its powerhouse of ingredients. 

Mavrud Age Expert range offers facial cleansing milk, hand cream and a firming body lotion which tightens skin and shapes the silhouette. 

Grape Energy range offers breast enlarging gel and anti cellulite gel, some of the most sought after products by women all over the world alongside daily moisturiser and facial cleansing milk with white grapes.

Aqua Natura range offers antibacterial skincare with natural extract of cucumber and melon: facial tonic, facial wash, face cream, shower gel, body lotion. 

Revitalise, rejuvenate, firm and tone your skin, for a younger looking you! Get Bilka at

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